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Overview: Services


Fun and Stimulating Walks For All Breeds In A Safe and Controlled Environment.

Fetch Your Lead welcome all breeds from the gentle giants to the tiny tearaways. We ensure that all Group Walks are tailored to suit the needs of each individual dog such as age, fitness level and personality. All groups walks are well balanced to ensure that all dogs interact and socialise accordingly.
Safety is paramount therefore we choose to walk in safe local rural locations. We will never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your consent and your dog displays a solid recall.


A First Class One To One Service for Your Loyal Companion.

For dogs who are a little apprehensive walking in groups or feel unnerved around other dogs we offer solo walks. Our dedicated and compassionate dog walking team walkers will ensure that one time is tailored individually to suit your dogs personality, fitness levels and age. Walkers will find quiet locations where ball or a nice peaceful walk. Your dogs safety will be our highest priority at all times and dogs will not walk off lead unless we have prior permission.



Personal Care for All Small Animals

Our small care animal visits include our feline friends, rabbits, mice, rats, snakes guinea pigs, birds, reptiles and fish. Enquiries regarding other small animals are welcome. Visits are specified by yourself and your animal's requirements whilst ensuring that all of your pets usual routines are maintained.
Typically a visit includes feeding, watering, cleaning out and most importantly lots of love, care and attention. After each visit, we will update you with photos of your pets having fun with one of our pet care service experts.


A Bespoke Service For Your New Addition

Our home visits assist your puppies with toilet training, behaviour and confidence. We provide engaging and interactive games which will keep your puppy stimulated whilst having fun. After such fun activities your pup will be ready for rest until you return home minimising adverse behaviours. We will follow all instruction's given such as feeding and watering your pups whilst ensuring any mess is thoroughly cleaned before we depart. We tailor all visits to suit the individual needs of your puppy.



Arrive in Style With Your Very Own Chauffeur

We are more than happy to personally chauffeur both you and your pets to vet appointments, and special events you have planned.
With our professionally fitted crates and air conditioned units we can assure you that both you and your pets will feel safe and secure whilst travelling with us. Vehicles are regularly checked and maintained for safe transportation.


Tailor Made Care For Your Pets In Their Own Environment.

Fetch Your Lead offer a premium house sitting service where one of our professional and reliable team will move into your home providing care and companionship for your animals for the full duration of your holiday. Team members will ensure regular walks, feeds and stimulation are in place for all  animals.

Owners have the peace of mind knowing that their animals are in a safe and familiar environment whilst they cannot be there.

All Team Members will supply their own food, drinks, bedding and towels. Only with your permission will they be permitted to use any appliance within your home.

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